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Location: The Hamlet of Mudville, Holliston, Massachusetts
Established 2003

Nestled within the small New England Town of Holliston, Massachusetts sits a neighborhood, modest in size, yet grand in stature Here, a short walk beyond the old schoolhouse brings one upon a garden, which during years of plentiful rain boasts a myriad of native flowers. From his window, the Mayor of Mudville, Bob Blair, can gaze upon his field, and take great satisfaction from the centerpiece of this garden; a seven foot tall statue of Mighty Casey.

Construction of the railroad brought the Irish to Holliston in 1847, and not desiring to travel further west, many workers settled on the often soggy parcels of land next to the tracks and adjacent to Lake Winthrop. Known as “Mudville” as early as 1856, its residents became fervent participants in the emerging National Pastime, and brought great pride to the area in 1858 when the local Winthrop Base Ball Club defeated Boston’s famous Olympic Base Ball Club 100-27 on the Boston Common, before over 2000 people. As quoted in the Boston Bee, “The playing of the Holliston Club was by far the best ever seen in our city.”

Around this time, the Darling Woolen Mill, located just outside Mudville, employed many area residents. It was owned by the relatives of Ernest Lawrence Thayer, famous for penning the poem “Casey at the Bat.” Hence, the obvious connection.

The Mudville Base Ball Club was created to pay homage to our past, while celebrating the game we love. We typically play by the Massachusetts Rules of 1858 but are open to all vintage interpretations. We welcome the opportunity to play other vintage teams and are equally able to travel to or host such competitions.

John “Choo-Choo” Shannahan